Mini-Van : Parody

25 Aug

Something fun today. I started my career writing / producing / singing parody songs for Premiere Radio Networks a few decades ago. More recently I’ve been directing musicScreen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.11.27 PM videos. Now the two worlds have started colliding and the result has been a blast!

This time around it’s a music video for the Texting Yoga Pants video for “Never Thought I’d Do It,” a parody of Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It.” The parody focuses on the apprehensions every parent has about going from the sexiness of a sports car  or SUV to the practicality of a mini-van. Grant it, this video is from the mom perspective, but I’m sure every dad can relate as well.

Enjoy and share!


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3 responses to “Mini-Van : Parody

  1. Iza

    August 31, 2016 at 11:16 pm

    Hi there, I’m sorry if my question is kind out of topic for your latest blog post. Currently, I’m kind of facing problem with my boyfriend. He’s a divorced dad. Filed for case around 1 year ago. To be happened I just found your blog when I’m dealing with my emotion roller coaster thinking what I should really do in helping my boyfriend. At first both of us had a really good time together and maybe we could figure out something to make our relationship work well but then suddenly in a split second my boyfriend changed. He told me he can’t commit to any relationship due his problem about his court dates back to back, and most important thing he’s fighting for his kids’ visitation. He agreed to give full custody to his ex as both of their sons still under age but then to be so unfair his ex still want to restrict him from seeing his kids. Visitation given only 2 hours per week on sunday. This is so unfair. My boyfriend loves his kids so very much and I’m sure all other dads are. He become depressed and emotionally unstable. Since then, he told me that he cannot give any commitment to any relationship now but I do understand him situation. There is so much on his plate at this moment. I’ve told him to take your time and it’s just that I want to stay if you allowed me to. He agreed for both of us go with the flow. Let’s fate decide for both of us. Now, I’m seeking for your opinion what I should really do in order to help my boyfriend. I want him to feel during this hard time I’ll never leave from his side. I did told him to share things with me but he just refused to and want to keep by himself. He don’t want to share his problem with me as he don’t really want to get me involved in his problem. He want to settle everything before he can focus to other things in his life. So, as a divorced dad and a man what do you really wish from your girlfriend/new partner in order to comfort yourself. I’m so confused. It’s either I need to give him space or send him a courage and keep my eye on him once in a while. Love to hear your opinion. Thanks.

    • billfilipiak

      September 1, 2016 at 9:41 am

      The first thing I noted, if I’m reading your comment correctly, was that it’s only been a year for your boyfriend since he filed for divorce. Quite honestly, that’s not nearly enough time to mentally digest everything that’s happening. Even in my case where my ex and I agreed on a 50 / 50 co-parenting plan, it hasn’t been without it’s share of tension, anger and confusion. Sometimes being supportive means giving a person room to wrap their head around everything that’s going on. It sounds like he’s struggling a great deal with how things have gone and is attempting to right the ship. All you can really do is let him know you’re there for him. As mentioned, one year really isn’t that long and it sounds like it’s still being resolved on many levels. You also have to consider your position and what you’re willing to handle. The reality is, his ex-wife and children will be a part of his life in one way or another moving forward. There will be stress and moments of angst as you both deal with new situations revolving around his boys. The thing to remember is that level heads and calm resolve are always the best course. Allowing anger and anxiety to guide you or your boyfriend will never end well. Divorces evolve as each person grows and moves in new directions. Those are difficult transitions that each party handles in their own way. Give your boyfriend the reassurance that he’s not alone. It’ll be up to him to decide how he wants to handle it from there. Hope this helps.

      • Iza

        September 5, 2016 at 9:07 pm

        Hi, thank you for your reply. It helps me a lot to digest things that I’m facing right now. To be honest, I’m still in adjusting myself about my new situation. Thing is changing now, my relationship with my boyfriend kind of cold and it makes me devastated. All I can do now is patiently wait for his return. I really hope he will come back very soon and everything is back to normal again even though I don’t know how long will it takes. As promised I’ll wait for him. Thank you again for your words.


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