Divorced Christmas Morning

24 Dec

I told my kids tonight, “I don’t necessarily remember the gifts I got as a kid at Christmas, but I do remember the people, the places, the moments and the awesomeness of being with friends and family.”

They responded with several comments, but one in particular struck me. They told me how much it meant to them that despite the divorce, we still celebrate Christmas morning as a family. They said that most of their2014-12-09 07.34.35 other friends whose parents are divorced, spend one Christmas with their mom and another with their dad and that it means a lot to them that they get to spend Christmas eve and day with their mom and dad together.

It’s not easy by any stretch. In fact, I’m kind of blown away that we’re still able to do it. My ex and I are still water and vinegar and the holidays have a way of putting a whole new level of strain on new stress points. But somehow we manage to put it all aside for the sake of the kids. To hear my kids make a point of how much that means to them, well … I didn’t see that coming to be honest with you.

Kids first. That’s all I can say. If you put your kids’ needs first, somehow nothing else really matters. It’s more than giving them a great Christmas memory, it’s about giving them a foundation they can count on. A security knowing we’ve got their back no matter what.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a thousand times more. Kids aren’t stupid. They get it. They see it all and are privy to more than you can imagine. Don’t try to snow them. Be forthcoming and honest with them. And let them know they are your number one priority no matter what. They won’t ever forget that you for that.

Peace to you this holiday season. I hope whatever time you have with your kids is awesome. Take it all in and let them know you love them. That’s all.


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