Passing On Traditions

13 Aug

I grew up on a dairy farm outside Buffalo, NY and one of my favorite parts of the end of summer / start of autumn was when my mom would make home made dill pickles using dill and cucumbers she grew in the garden. The fermenting process took about two weeks, but I would typically run homepickles from the school bus every day and ask if they were ready starting about three days after she had put them in the crock.

I’d been telling the kids about this for years. Even have my mom’s old crock sitting in the corner with flowers in it. So this year I decided it was time to pass this tradition on to my own kids. We really don’t have the space to have a great garden, so we purchased dilling cucumbers from a local produce stand and found some dill at the local grocery store. We got the additional ingredients (vinegar, sea salt & garlic) we needed, got everything together and went to work.

Beyond passing on a tradition that has stayed with me for decades, it was a fun activity to do with the kids. Now it’s my kids coming home from school asking if they’re ready! Hopefully it’ll be something they’ll pass on to their own children one day, but if nothing else it created some great memories for our own family.

Makin’ Pickles of the process which also kicks off a new Web series; “I’m The Dad.”

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One response to “Passing On Traditions

  1. Pat Rooney

    August 15, 2015 at 9:32 am

    That was so cool! And so easy to do. Can you do a follow up with eating a pickle and us hearing the crunch? lol


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