You’re The Dad!

21 Jun

I sat down to wish you a Happy Father’s Day. But it’s difficult to do that as I’m not sure what Father’s Day means for you. The world of the divorced dad is so diverse and situations of divorce vary so greatly it’s impossible to know exactly what you’ll experience today. For some it will be a joyous celebration, yet for others it may very well be a terribly difficult day.

2015-06-01 15.31.46-3

My father.

So I’ll leave you with this simple thought. You’re the dad. Regardless of whether you’ll be at the pool with your kids today enjoying a full day of interaction, overseas protecting our nation missing your children, somewhere miles away from your children that you don’t get to
see very often or perhaps enjoying an extra afternoon of visitation, simply put; you’re the dad.

No one, other than another dad, can ever fully understand what you go through internally as a father. It is a gift you were given that can never be taken away. How you hold that gift internally is up to you. Fatherhood is an everlasting truth and no matter how you spend Father’s Day no one can ever take away from you the fact that, say it with me, you’re the dad.

We’re a brotherhood of sorts. So do what you can to support each other. I can guarantee you, that whatever your situation, there are others out there experiencing the exact same scenario and understand what you’re going through.

If you can’t be with your kids today, perhaps you can support other dads in similar situations. Or you can reflect on what being a father has meant for you and how it’s changed you. If you are with your children today, soak it up and be thankful for every moment.

Good or bad, today I simply wish for you peace and joy this Father’s Day.


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2 responses to “You’re The Dad!

  1. Derrell Porter

    June 21, 2015 at 4:42 pm

    Amen to that brother! I was blessed to spend the weekend with my two in Chicago. We had a great time.

  2. Jim438

    August 7, 2015 at 4:43 pm



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