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Parenting & Aging Gracefully

It is easy to get lost in your life as it is at this very moment. Easy to focus on where you’re at, where you’re not and where you’d rather be. While I believe it’s important to enjoy the moment, I also believe we can’t completely ignore the future. There’s a distinct difference between worrying about things you can’t control and planning for things you can.¬†What’s lost sometimes is the “where you’ll eventually be” part of the equation. One day, if you’re lucky, you’ll be 85 or 90. Your kids will be grown. Many of your friends will be gone. And there you’ll sit. What will you be doing with your memories? What will you be doing with your hours? Will years of focusing on the negative start to take their toll or will you have learned the power of being positive to the point that it’s simply a habit that now guides your forgetful mind.

We go about our lives sure as hell that we’ll be in as much control when we’re 85 as we are today. More than likely that’s not going to be the case. What I’ve learned watching my own parents is that fighting mother nature is a battle you cannot win. To fight her is to2015-04-23 14.41.20¬†spend your remaining days in frustration and disappointment.

As mother’s day and father’s day approach us, consider where you’ll be in thirty or forty years. Will your kids embrace you into their lives? Will you continue to make new friends as old ones fade? Will you continue to challenge yourself and keep yourself young at heart? Will you focus on your regrets or cherish your achievements and find victories even in your defeats, building and reaching for new dreams?

You may not realize it, but you are building the foundation of your tomorrow today. That includes your life with your children and how they’ll view you when they’re adults and you’re face to face with your final years. My hope for you is that your final days will be filled with as much joy and awe of life as you find in it today if not more. That you’ll accept mother nature’s plan with grace and peace. That you’ll find joy in your grandchildren and great grandchildren. That you’ll continue to contribute to the world in a positive way and cherish every moment.

Being positive is a choice. Staying that way becomes a habit. The sooner you can start to train yourself to look at all of the good in your life, the better the chances you’ll find yourself growing old gracefully focused on the wonders of the world and those around you. Finding joy rather than fault and smiles rather than tears both now and down the road.

Love your children. Cherish them. Find awe in them and all the good. Focus on their brilliance and what makes them special. Let them know how important they are in your life today. With any luck they’ll reciprocate when you’re older and you’ll have someone to hold your hand tomorrow the same way you held theirs today.



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