Scream To High Heaven!

07 Sep

O.k. guys.

Tomorrow morning. You’re going to wake up. You’ll think; “Man, I should really go out and run or something.” Then you’ll lay in bed thinking about it for another ten minutes. You’ll get up. Check your e-mail. Go to facebook, waste another hour. Check the headlines. And suddenly it’ll be too late.Image

So tomorrow break the pattern.

Wake up. Get your ass out of bed. Throw on some treads and head outside. Sweat. Use your stress and pent up anxiety as fuel. Put that negativity you’ve felt building up to good use. Sprint. Scream to high heaven while you’re doing it. Get it out! Just do it. Walk once in a while if you have to. But get out there. Work it out. Move.

Push yourself. I don’t care if you’re in your pajamas. Let the neighbors ask their spouses, “who’s the idiot running through the neighborhood in his boxers?” Just grind it out. Sweat brother! Sweat! For a minimum of thirty minutes focus all of your energy on working every muscle in your body, including your mind. Go until you can’t go any longer.  Then collapse for thirty minutes.

The following day, tell me you weren’t calmer the rest of the day and that you didn’t sleep better. Tell me you weren’t in a much better mental state. Tell me it didn’t feel good to just sweat without twenty seven people pulling at you from all sides. It will change you and your ability to cope with everything you’re going through.

I dare you to prove me wrong.


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