Power of the Good

15 Apr

After reading Patton Oswalt’s blog post: I was compelled to not only thank him for his words, but to consider how to handle these events as a parent and make a similar pledge. Reflecting on the events in Boston, I will not allow an individual or a handful of individuals to bruise my belief in humanity.  I prefer to focus my attention on the thousands and tens of thousands of individuals who, without blinking an eye, dove to help their fellow citizens. I believe those people still
Imageoverwhelmingly represent the majority of people on this planet and refuse to let the small minority cause me to believe otherwise. Hats off to anyone who helped someone or consoled someone today. You far out number those that caused the grief.

This is also a chance for us as single fathers (and mothers), to help our children focus on the positive aspect of humanity. The dark side will no doubt burden them with fear and anxiety as it does many adults. But to provide kids the power to shift that focus to the countless individuals who acted selfishly and without cause to rush to the aid of others, to me that’s empowerment.

Throughout their lives they will encounter mean people who wish them and those around them harm. They will be made aware of horrific events around the world and be given every opportunity and every reason to lose
Imagefaith in humanity. I know my own initial reaction was, “what is happening to the world?” But then I was reminded of the 72′ Olympics, JFK’s assassination and other similar events. They will continue to occur and we will be challenged to remind ourselves that those few do not speak for the rest of the planet. And we owe it to our children to remind them of the same thing.

Tonight when you sit down with your children and they ask questions about “mean people,” remind them of how many amazingly loving people there are in the world and of all the great things that happen in their neighborhood and in the world every day. They need to be reminded of that and deserve a peaceful night’s sleep. And you’re just the person to get them there.



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