Elf Invasion

13 Dec

So, the holidays are upon us and with them, in our house anyway, comes the annual visitation of what has grown into a trio of elves from the North Pole. They seem to have grown quite fond of our kids and follow them regardless of whether they’re staying with their mom or at my house. I’ve done my best to document these visits as well as the shananigans311113_10151256618312908_1341310992_n these jolly little beings have bestowed upon our household, but they can be sneaky little devils.

They arrived this year after much anticipation, riding together in a Barbie Camper they no doubt commandeered from a young doll I later caught one of the boy elves with. Needless to say, it became apparent early on that we were going to have to set some ground rules this year, as it seemed they had become a little “too” comfortable with our home and its inhabitants.

The first couple of weeks were relatively quiet with the three amigos greeting us each morning with the typical hide and go seek game we’d grown accustomed to over the past few years. Some days we’d find them “on a shelf” or “on a lamp.” And of course there would be days we’d find them in their favorite spot nestled within the Christmas tree. But for the most part 58991_10151250524737908_787395670_neverything was fairly tame and the kids would have fun starting off their day at the crack of dawn searching every room of the house to find where they were hiding.

And that’s when things started to take an odd turn. We woke one morning to find that they were apparently unhappy with our method of decorating the house for the holidays and felt we were lacking the proper amount of festive lighting. We caught them in the middle of stringing lights throughout the kitchen with no real concern for whether their plan fit into our overall decorating scheme. And this was just the beginning.

This latest display had raised a certain amount of concern on my part, but I was truly unprepared for what was to come next. I was aware of their reputation to take holiday cheer fairly seriously, and knew that these guys had a tendency to be a little “over the top.” But I was still of the mindset that they were relatively harmless. So imagine my surprise (as well as my kids) when we walked into our living room / kitchen area, only to find that they had helped themselves to our stash of toiletries and TP’d the entire downstairs. 77045_10151278127332908_421981261_n

It was at this point that my son (age 7) decided it was time to take drastic measures and capture the team on video. He worked up a little system with a hidden camera and set it to record each evening before he went to bed. The first couple of nights he was unable to capture any video although the elves managed to grab the camera and take some self portraits. Then, on the morning after the third night, I woke to the sound of my son screaming, “I GOT THEM ON VIDEO!!!” And sure enough, he caught one of them attempting to turn off his camera.

You can see the actual video here:

I have to admit we were all a little freaked out after that. Just knowing that these little guys were capable of some of the activities we’d witnessed is something that would shake up even the most experienced “Big Foot” 75261_10151276516177908_2048404350_nenthusiast. My son is still considering what to do with the footage and whether or not he wants to expose our little friends to the dangers that would come from people attempting to capture them. The elves meanwhile must have come to the same conclusion as since that time things have been relatively tame.

We all have our special holiday memories that we look back on for a smile now and then. Thankfully our family will have these memories to last a lifetime. And the best part is that they’re all documented with photographic and video evidence to be passed on from generation to generation.

As I’ve written before, a divorce doesn’t have to mean the end of joyous holidays and fond memories. There are plenty of places to find the joy of Christmas as a family and bring cheer to each and every member of the household. The level of Christmas cheer within our walls continues to grow thanks in part to the efforts of some very creative little elves. Hopefully your home is equally filled with a spirit that brings smiles and warmth to your kids regardless of whether your kids live in two homes or one. The important part is that they continue to build fun memories they’ll carry with them the rest of their lives.


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