Showing Up

10 Dec

I was trying to come up with a clever opening line, but I’ll just cut to the chase. It never ceases to amaze me what can happen when you simply decide to show up.

Seems like such a simple concept really. And yet, how often do we let opportunities just slip by because we’re either too tired to get out of bed, anxious about walking into an uncomfortable environment, not wanting to step ShowingUpoutside our comfort zone or just don’t feel like it? We focus so much of our thoughts on the drudgery that will take place and the energy we’ll have to exude. Then ultimately let the moment pass on by while we check our Facebook account. Admit it, you know you’ve done it. And so have I.

I could get into a laundry list of opportunities along with an even longer list of excuses as to why you ignored them, but chances are you’ve already gone through your own list while you’ve been reading this. The point is, each and every time I’ve pushed myself to make the effort (alright 9 out of 10 times), it’s been beyond worth it and I’ve walked away with an amazing experience I’d otherwise missed out on.

We dads are particularly in tune with these moments. Moments when we’re provided opportunities to “show up.”
father-sonSometimes it’s your daughter asking for help with her homework, or your son who wants you to play Hungry Hungry Hippos. Sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. But you and I both know, that every time we do, the pay off is exponential.

Five minutes of throwing the football with your son or daughter is priceless. Every recital we leave work early for is more valuable than any financial investment. There are plenty of times when we and our kids won’t see eye to eye. We’ll argue over what jeans they’re wearing to school. We’ll battle over what TV shows they’re watching or what we put in their lunches. But no matter what’s happening, the bottom line is we showed up. Think about that the next time your kid runs to you and gives you a giant, sincere, squeeze and then runs off. The fact that you were there to hug will be a memory he or she will carry for a lifetime.

Don’t think for a minute it doesn’t matter to them that you simply showed up. It seems like the easiest step in the world, and yet how many times have we chosen not too? 


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