17 Nov

So, we’re going to try a new system in our household.

In an effort to teach the kids the value of teamwork, we’re going to start having projects / chores that are completed as a team. Dishes, cleaning, raking leaves, washing the dog, anything that requires the efforts of all three working together. The effort / outcome will then be graded on an A-F scale with A equalling five points, B equalling four, all the way down to F which will garner one point. Points will then be added over time with
different events having specific point values. For example; bowling will equal 50 points, going to the movies will cost 100 points, a trip to Kings Island 500 points etc.

They’ll have the opportunity to win as a team or fail as a team and hopefully recognize that selfishness, arguing and working against each other will still require the job getting done, but not earn them any points.

In the past when two of them have argued or fought, the answer was to separate them. I’ve started sticking them in a room together for an hour (ala “The Parent Trap) to start clarifying my expectation that they’re going to have to work it out together. They’re going to be siblings the rest of their lives, time to start learning to lean on each other rather than constantly argue. Same holds true for chores. Doing the dishes, cleaning the house, helping with laundry; all of it is an opportunity for them to learn how to divvy up tasks and figure out how to achieve as a team rather than compete against each other.

First round was a little rough, but I think over time they’ll figure it out.

Have you tried something similar? Would love to hear what worked and what didn’t.

Stay tuned for updates from time to time.


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