“Just One More Son!”

02 Aug

Do you truly know your limits? Do you honestly have a good grasp of what you’re capable of? I often ask myself these questions when I’m on the verge of complete meltdowns. When I’m on the brink of a complete mental and emotional collapse and my head is in my hands and tears are welling up as I hear myself thinking, “I can’t take anymore.”

Yet somehow the sun rises the next day and issues eventually resolve themselves. It may take them longer than we’d like them too, but somewhere, out of pure necessity, we find the ability to fight on. But you and I know it doesn’t feel that way when we’re in the midst of battle. My father used to drive me crazy when I’d work on projects with him. “Just one more son!” he’d say at least 45 times. “Just one more” was never “just one more.” And yet those extra 44 one more’s made the final result 44 times better.

Life does that to you. “Just one more son.” And it typically happens when you don’t really have “one more” in you. And yet you find it. How does that happen? I really don’t think we fully appreciate what we’re capable of until life forces you to find out. When we “think” we don’t have anything left in the tank, yet have no choice but to squeeze out one last drop to get us to the next plateau. (I say plateau because there really is no finish line).

So what is your limit? Do you know? Do you? Are you aware of just how much you can handle on any given day? Are you aware of how strong you are? Do you truly appreciate just how much more you have in you that you haven’t tapped yet? It may not feel like it some days, but you likely have more in you than you realize. You’re likely capable of handling even more than you believe.

Divorce has a way of making a person grow up real fast. When it’s all on your shoulders and that little face is looking up at you for guidance and reassurance that everything is going to be alright. Suddenly you find a new source of energy and motivation. I’ve heard it said that the Lord only gives you that which he knows you can handle. I’m not an overtly religious man. But I do know that life dishes out a lot. And it’s up to us to decide if we’re up for the challenge. And I’m here to tell you point blank, you’re up for it. You can do it. May not always feel like it, but just wait until you see what you’re capable of handling.

Now, always handling it with a smile on your face? That’s a whole ‘nother entry.


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One response to ““Just One More Son!”

  1. MutantSupermodel

    August 2, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    I don’t think anyone ever really truly knows their own limits. We think we know but we usually surprise ourselves and come out the other end– bruised, maybe but stronger too.


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