Faith in Spring!

20 Mar

I’ve heard many people talk about the depression they encounter during the winter months. I don’t think we truly appreciate the effect the weather and the seasons can have on us until the sun comes out and the first signs of spring are upon us.

Going to be honest with you. It’s bee a tough few months on many fronts. Living as a divorced dad presents so many unique and overwhelming challenges. There are days when it’s difficult to build up the muster to give it a go. Financial concerns, angst of providing enough time to the kids, deadlines, the pressure of it all being on your own shoulders; it’s a lot. And the dreary cold grays of winter only enhance the sense of gloom and doom when the perfect emotional storm hits.

That first morning of being able to sip my Tim Horton’s coffee out on the front porch with the birds singing in the background is inspiring. It lifts the soul and breathes new life into our hearts … but only if we let it. Last night I literally forced myself to run a few miles. I had no energy left, no motivation, no umph. Yet once I got going I found myself sprinting. It was as if my body was literally using stress as its fuel and believe me there was plenty. Just felt so good to suck in the smell of fresh cut grass and feel the sun on my skin; to sweat, to breathe, to “let it all out.”

Force yourself to take it in, even if for only 20 minutes. Bring your soul out of hibernation and know that you have the strength to move forward. Reenergize yourself with a brisk walk around the block or just sit on the stoop with your mug in hand but take it in. Allow your soul and mind to breathe. Give your heart a reason to beat fast other than seeing the checking account balance. Just go … you can be 30 minutes late for your next deadline.

Here’s to spring. A moment in time when we can savor for a moment new beginnings and growth. You may very well be just in time.


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