16 Mar

Good morning! For those who read yesterday’s post about the morning’s events, a quick update for you.

Last night the four of us talked about the morning and how we could approach things better. Our goal was to get back to our normal routine. So we all agreed on making sure we got a good night’s sleep and to make sure we were prepared for the next day. Everyone made an effort to have everything they needed ready including their clothes for the next day. All got to bed at a decent hour and I’m proud to report this morning was awesome. It really was like watching a football team that made several turnovers in the first half, come back after half-time and score on their next five possessions.

The kids only needed gentle prodding to get up. But most importantly, everyone came downstairs with a smile on their face and a friendly attitude. They all knew where their socks, shoes and books were and we were ready to go on time. As for me, I made a point of being focused and did my best to stay a step ahead of them at all times gently steering them back on task when they got diverted.

I’ll note that I know they have a similar routine at their mom’s which helps. A little communication between the two of us and knowing that there are some consistencies in approaches can really benefit everyone. It just makes it that much easier to get back on track when there’s re-enforcement on the other end. Sometimes this means adjusting things on my end just a bit to better emulate what they’re used to at their mom’s. That’s not always easy, but when possible I think it just helps the kids to have that constant in their lives. I know that can’t be the case for everyone reading this, but just know that making the effort to work and communicate with your ex really can reap a lot of benefits. Even if you’re not on the same page parenting wise, just knowing what page they’re on can make it easier to adjust.

So … a nice way to enter the weekend.

Thanks as always for checking in. I know that great things await you in the days to come.


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