The Mad Rush! (sleep update #2)

15 Mar

Well … yes I was up until after midnight. But I was being very productive and would have stayed up later, but forced myself to get some sleep.

However my eldest came in at 11:17 to tell me her foot itched. This was a foreshadowing of what was to come:

Let me state for the record that 9 out of 10 mornings run very smoothly without incident. Everyone normally has their clothes pulled out for the morning and we have a pretty good routine worked out. Because of that, even when they’re tired, they typically just blindly follow the norm and we’re good to go. And this particular morning started off very calm with hugs and kisses to wake everyone up and plenty of time to get ready. But for whatever reason, (I’m personally blaming the time change as I believe I am allowed to do so for up to 5 days) … this particular morning our machine was short on oil and within 10 minutes:
– DAAADDDDDD … I don’t have anything TO WEAR!!!
– Get out of my room!
– She’s is a jerk! I HATE HER!
– Can I play hooky today?
– I don’t want a peanut butter sandwich in my lunch today I HATE peanut butter!
– All of my shirts are too small!
– Stop touching me!
– “Daaaadddd … Where are my pink sandals that I wore last year?”
– These pants don’t fit me!
– Daaaaddd!!!
– I wanna be a car rider.
– I can’t find socks!
– But I need to brush my teeth!
– Get OUT of the BATHROOM!
– I HATE these jeans!
– Daaaaddd!!!
– @ 7:51: “where’s my other pink sandal?”
– @ 7:52: “Dad I can only find one shoe!!!”
– @ 7:53: “seriously I can only find one pink sandal! UURRRGGGG!!!!”
– @ 7:54: “PLEASE … can I play hooky today?”
– @ 7:55: FOUND IT!
– You sit in the middle
– I sat in the middle last time
– Stop bumping me!!!

I of course, being so well rested, was calm as a cucumber the entire time .

At 7:58 we pulled up to the bus stop as the bus was pulling up. We stopped for a moment and though having spoken in tongues the previous 50 minutes, we all managed to apologize for how badly the morning went in a calm rational manner at which point my list maker decided we would gather after school and revisit our plan to make sure we got back on track tomorrow. And then somehow, by the grace of God and all that’s good … somewhere through divine intervention, as they were running to the bus, all three stopped to run back and give me a hug and kiss before they got on.

And I … slowly slid back in my car and headed for my day.

It’s easy to blame the kids for a rough morning like that. But the truth is it’s up to us to guide them. Make sure they have what they need and that everything is together and as ready as we can make it. If I was digging in the dryer for matching socks for 15 minutes … I had no one to blame but myself. So I take my share of the burden for this morning. Life was a little too full and I let some things lax and suffered the consequences. How I react to the kids is also my choice. Their mom and I tell them all the time, “how you react is YOUR choice.” I told them before they got on the bus that if I raised my voice or got annoyed, that wasn’t their fault. How I chose to react is my choice just like how they react is theirs. We can’t blame each other for how we respond to a circumstance. That’s up to us.

SO … I’ll take this morning as a learning and teaching opportunity and will let you know what adjustments we make at half time and how tomorrow goes.


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