And We’re Back!

29 Nov

There have been several times during the past few months when I’ve had stark reminders of the changes in my life and how different today is than the same day was a year ago. I’m finding the holidays are proving to be more of an emotional challenge than I anticipated as it starts to sink in that this is our new reality. Moments like Thanksgiving dinner are specific moments that the kids have to compare against previous years and not surprisingly, you can see them trying to adjust and make sense of it all. That’s a lot for an adult, let alone a 7 year old.

All in all the week was amazing. Even the trip (minus the final two hours in the car) was spectacular. It was one of those bonding moments for everyone including the kids and a holiday we’ll probably never forget. I asked all three of them at some point what their favorite part of the week was and my middle child told me that it was being with her family. There were 14 of us around the table and for the kids, from all accounts, they truly felt a part of something. And that’s perhaps the most important thing I got out of our trip. For them to be able to recognize that despite the changes, they’re still a part of something like that was, for me, a breakthrough.

My life is so full of turmoil of late as I desperately attempt to build new foundations and building blocks, that to walk away from a trip like that with 3 kids who are excited about the holidays and recognizing that they’re still loved by so many people, it’s at times overwhelming. At the same time it’s somewhat reassuring that perhaps I’m handling things better than I realize as are they.

Have a great week.


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