Morning Grump

16 Nov

My kids are, for the most part, really good at getting themselves ready to go in the morning. Even the youngest will get himself dressed on his own from time to time. I rarely have to push anyone to get up. They love school and know that sleeping in isn’t an option. And for the most part they come down cheery and ready to roll even on those rainy mornings like today when they’d all rather just curl up in bed for another hour.

On occasion one of them will wake up on the wrong side of the bed and begin bellowing orders from their bedroom. And there was a time when I first became a parent, (o.k. and still from time to time even now) that I would let a young grumpy soul affect my morning. With three of them running around, it’s not difficult for one ornery little bug to upset the rest and create chaos as we’re preparing to get everyone on the bus.

Anyone who has been in that position can appreciate the negative energy it creates and how it can quickly snowball into disagreements about what shoes they’re going to wear, who’s sitting where at the breakfast table, who won’t share the brush, who’s a stupid head and so on … urrrggg. And of course at that stage of the process every second counts.

Through the last few years I’ve slowly become more accustomed to the events of the a.m. and for whatever reason find it takes more to really get me riled. This morning was a great example as one of the kids stayed up later than usual reading the night before and woke up in a huff. Typically I try to let them wake up slowly with a hug first and let them take in a few breathes. That didn’t work this morning though. She came downstairs calling her siblings names and hating everything from where she was sitting at the table to the fact that one of her Honeycombs was broken.

This would typically trickle down to one of the other two who would then get mad and eventually everyone would be slamming doors, throwing sweaters, arguing over pony tail holders and bickering all the way to the bus stop. But today … SUCCESS!!! The other two just rolled with it and we all did our best to just accept that one of us was having a bad morning and worked through it.

Amazing! So proud of them. They have their moments when you look at them and can’t believe you’re going to unleash this individual into the world for the day. But then there are those times when progress illuminates itself and you see that perhaps, even if by accident, something is getting through to them. Those are the days that after they get on their way, I sit back with a nice cup of coffee and allow myself to relish in it for ten minutes before I go off to take on the world myself.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go clean up the path of destruction they left in their efforts to get ready for the day. 🙂


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